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Senior Property Manager

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As a new or existing Landlord, changing agency might be one of those things you’d rather not face, and, after all, aren’t all property managers the same anyway? They find a tenant, collect the rent and pay the bills.

Not necessarily. Spare Kiralee Orphin a few moments and she’ll explain why First National Lake Macquarie makes all the difference.

‘Property managers are sometimes perceived as law enforcers on a battlefield between Landlord and Tenant, which is unfortunate, unnecessary, and misunderstands the true value a motivated property manager can bring to the equation’ says Kiralee.

Kiralee see’s contemporary property management as an opportunity to go beyond simply managing your affairs. She looks for opportunities to enhance your ownership experience, the capital value of your property, the experience of your tenant and, of course, your yield.

‘The best results are always achieved when expectations are established early and customers renting our properties know First National Lake Macquarie is only a phone call away, when they need help. Their rental property is their home and they’re an important part of our business’ says Kiralee.

‘Equally, Landlords entrust us to protect their interests and we must do everything possible to ensure that we communicate regularly, review cyclically, and use every method at our disposal to be well informed’.

Proactive, efficient and highly professional, Kiralee’s impressive reputation for maximising returns is unrivalled and has helped secure the respect of property owners and colleagues alike. Vigilance with tenants helps avert problems before they occur and her effective communication skills are key to consistent good relations.

Kiralee’s commitment to providing exceptional service aligns perfectly with the First National Lake Macquarie’s ethos – We put you first.

‘2020 The Magnificent 7’, ranked number 3 in NSW for Investor Relations Manager of the year.
2020 Diamond Award winner.

Licence No: 20318527

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